How To Choose The Best Epilator For Removing Hair?

An epilator is a device that runs on electricity and helps to remove body hair. It removes the hair by grasping it and pulling it out from the root. The mechanism is almost like waxing but it doesn’t damage your skin cells like waxing does. These epilators are operated with battery and are easily rechargeable. You have to find out the best epilator for yourself by which you can remove your hair. This gives a smooth and soft look to your skin as well.

Why Are Epilators Better?

best-epilatorEpilation is more effective than that of shaving and waxing. In case of shaving only the outer part of the body hair is removed. The part of the hair which grows outside the skin is cut down and thus it grows back within a week again. But since epilator removes the hair from its root, it takes almost a month to grow again. It depends on the growth rate of your hair as well. When you are waxing the hairs are pressed flat against the skin. Thus when you pull the hair, it becomes harder and pains a lot more.

Epilators are gentle and with the help of the wet usage system will help you to get a smoother removal process. Once the hair is removed from the root, the new hair that grows is relatively softer and finer. Even after several use the hair growth also get reduced. But it largely depends on your hair growth rate. It is also good for both cold and dry season. The best thing about the epilator is that even if you have a sensitive skin then it will work fine. Choosing the best epilator will not affect your skin in any ways. With best epilator, you can only expect smooth skin.

How To Choose The Best Epilator?

Many women across the world want the best epilator for themselves. You can also get one by checking out these top 5 best epilators: To use the best epilator effectively, you have to keep certain things in your mind.

Wet and Dry Options

The epilator works great on dry skin but the wet epilator is gentler and kinder to your skin. That is why many women prefer to use the wet option. This is used especially in shower or under water and it doesn’t give much pain. But you have to charge it well before using it in shower.

More Tweezers

If the amount of tweezers is more, then it is better. The process will not take much time to remove your hair. It will be pretty fast and if you are in hurry anywhere then it will be great. But the only thing is that the pain with more tweezers will increase a bit.


Since the epilator removes the hair by constantly pulling out the hair from the root, it is highly painful. For this reason the best epilator comes with various other feature bags of gels and cooling packs etc. This has to be kept in freezer before using the epilator. You can wipe it easily and get relief from the pain instantly. This is a great thing and many prefer this one.

Different Parts

using-an-epilatorEpilators have special heads for different parts of the bodies. You have to make sure that you are buying the best epilator which is provided with several heads especially for your bikini lines, underarms, face and hands or legs. Using the same heads for all the parts can be harmful and painful too. Make sure that special heads are provided especially for sensitive areas like face and underarms.

Cordless or Corded

You have to choose this based on your own preference. Better to choose the one which can be used in both occasions. Corded once are more powerful as they are plugged throughout your hair removal session. But in case of cordless epilators you have to charge it before using. These are used while traveling or in water and shower too.

Speed Settings

Some of the epilators coming with speed setting formula. Make sure that you are buying one like that so that you can set your own speed according your preference. There are two types of speed available in an epilator – low and fast.

Built in light

Many of the best epilators come with a built in light. This makes it easier for you to spot the small hairs in shadowy parts of body. This ensures that you will not miss any hair and remove each and every hair for a better look. Make sure to pick the best epilator with in-built light option.


When you are buying a product of course you will want the best quality in affordable price. So make sure that the epilator you are choosing is made of best quality material. This will make it more durable and it will lasts for a long time.

Where To Use This?

You can use the epilators on your hands, legs, face, underarms or even on other parts where you find hair growth is fast and strong. But never use this is in the sensitive parts of your body. Avoid using it there. It will not only hurt but can also wound that area. The best epilator will work the best for you and your skin. And always remember to use proper heads for different body parts. The head that is meant for legs or hands should not be used on face. The skin of your face is way softer than of your legs and hands. It will affect your skin of the face adversely.

Important Tips

Before using an epilator make sure that it is the best epilator and you will get all the benefits mentioned over there. The main thing that you have to keep in mind is that never use an epilator that has been used by someone else. This can be harmful for your health. Buy your own and keep it personal. Do not allow anyone else to use your epilator too. If you are using cordless epilators, then do not forget to charge it before the usage. Otherwise you will not get 100 % result.

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How Using An Epilator Is Better Than Waxing Or Shaving


Epilation is a common hair removal method that involves pulling out hair using a special electronic equipment called an epilator. The epilator applies the same concept used in waxing although in this case hair is not removed quite as much from the epidermis. There are different kinds of epilators available in the market and depending on the area where the hair is being removed different epilators are used.

Why Choose Using An Epilator Over Waxing Or Shaving?

  1. Suitable for sensitive skin and all seasons.

Epilation uses a special technique where for instance, epilating in the bath is being used for people with sensitive skin. Using this technique the skin is not pulled directly in the process of hair removal. Today’s woman can benefit from this technique without having to deal with irritation that comes afterwards. After epilation the skin is left feeling soft with no rash no matter the weather season.

  1. Gentle for the skin.

There is almost a special technique to solve any discomfort caused by hair removal when it comes to using the best epilators. To minimize discomfort during the process of epilation shaving is made easy using the wet system of epilation where wipes are used before the epilator works on the skin. Immediately after the epilator has removed hair from the skin rollers massage the area where epilation was done and this is good to soothe the skin and make you relax.

  1. Leaves the skin feeling smooth for a long time.

Epilation last longer than other hair removal methods such as shaving. It may take over a month before hairs start growing back and in all this time the area where the hair was removed remains smooth all this time. The hairs that grow after epilation are smooth unlike the ‘spiky’ hairs that grow after shaving that make the skin rough.

  1. Suitable for different body parts.

The use of different kinds of best epilators is what makes it possible to shave different body parts. The type of body part hair is being removed determines the epilator to be used. Some epilators like the silk-epil epilator have various attachment to cater for different areas where you want hair removed.

  1. The hair that grows back is softer and finer.

During epilation the epilator does not bend the hairs and the hair is removed more effectively and consistently. The hair that grows after epilation is smoother and finer when compared to other hair removal techniques like shaving. The hair is also less dense and does not require vigorous removal each time.

  1. More effective than waxing.

We all know the down sides of the process of waxing. First you have to deal with all those waxing creams and then the problem of those hairs stuck on the skin that are hard to remove. During epilation the epilator removes all those stuck hairs plus the short hairs that cannot be removed during waxing. This makes epilation a more efficient hair removal technique compared to any other method.


This involves pulling hair out directly from the hair roots. In this method warm wax is applied on the area where the hair is to be removed and afterwards it is pulled out together with the hairs. This is a temporary hair removal technique and a repeat process is required after hair grows back.

Down sides of waxing solved by epilation.

  1. Irritation may occur due to waxing creams compared to epilation where wet epilation using wet wipes is done to prevent irritation. After-massage is also done using roller massage to sooth the skin.
  2. Epilation is more long lasting going for over a month compared to waxing which takes only three weeks.
  3. Using the best epilators leaves the skin smooth compared to waxing that may leave the skin rough.


Shaving involves cutting hair from the surface of the skin using razors. This is the most widely used method of hair removal. It is inexpensive, fast and does not require a professional to do it.

Down sides of shaving solved by epilation.

  1. The hair grows very fast after shaving compared to epilation. During epilation the epilator removes the epilator from the root while during shaving the hair is cut from the surface of the skin using a razor.
  2. The hair that grows after shaving is course and spiky keeping in mind that it is cut from the surface unlike with epilation where an epilator removes it from the root.
  3. Accidents like cuts may occur when using razors for shaving.
  4. Ingrown hairs may occur due to regular shaving but in epilating the epilator removes ingrown hairs.

In conclusion, it is obvious the winner in hair removal methods is epilation. Do yourself a favor, and don’t by any cheap unit. The best epilators work great, so don’t be too cheap.

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Common Hair Removal Methods

There are different ways that you can use to remove hair from your body. Some of the methods such as epilation are easy to use and achieve great results, but others will tend to require a lot technical assistance. In order to decide on the best hair removal method, you should always carry out your own assessment and decide on hair removal method that will not expose you to side effects. You should also take the cost of a given hair removal method into consideration before you decide to use any method that may be at your reach. Here are common hair removal methods that you can apply for you to get rid of unwanted hair from your body. Some methods will enable you get rid of unwanted hair for a while, while others will enable you get rid of it permanently.

Epilation hair removal method

In order to make use of epilation, you will be required to buy an epilator. An epilator is a device that is powered by electricity which you can use to get rid of unwanted hair from a given body part. The best epilators will grasp several hairs at ago and pull them out. There are many advantages associated with making use of epilation as a hair removal method. For instance, after you decide to make use of epilation, you will realise long lasting smoothness on the area where you will have removed the hair. After you use the epilator you will also have smooth skin after the hair has grown back. This is unlike other methods which can leave you with a rough surface. You can buy an epilator for you to use in removing the hair in case you have a sensitive skin. There are many brands available, you should take your time and decide on one that will serve you well.


When waxing you will have to warm the wax and apply it on the entire surface of the skin where you will like to get rid of hair. After you have spread the wax, you will then let it cool where it will embed the unwanted hair. In order to remove the hair you will have to pull the wax that has cooled towards the surface in the opposite side of hair growth. It is an effective method that you can use to pull hair out of its follicles hence getting rid of it easily. You should apply the warm wax with care for you to avoid skin burns.

Laser hair removal

This is among the common hair removal methods that are in use nowadays. The method work in such a way that it directs laser beams into the hair follicle. The pigment available in the hair follicles absorb the light leading to their destruction. It can be used to get rid of hair from different parts of the body. Laser hair removal can be used to achieve great precision. In case you will like to remove hair from a certain part of your body while maintaining a certain pattern, then you will find laser hair removal method very effective in such a case. It can be used to remove the hair at high speeds, this makes it the most effective way for beauticians to use in case they will like to serve many people at ago. For those who will like to achieve permanent hair loss on certain parts of their body, such as legs. Application of laser hair removal for about 3 to 7, times will enable them get rid of the unwanted hair permanently.

Hair removal cream

Hair removal creams work in such a way that they will dissolve keratin in the hair leading to its removal. There are many types of hair removal creams available in the market. They tend to have different formulations, in order to ensure you are able to get rid of the hair effectively, you should take your time and study different creams available in the market. You can also contact beauticians who will advise you on which is the best cream for you to apply. It is necessary for you to be selective because there are some creams which can end up reacting with your skin hence leading you to more beauty concerns .Some creams can create effects on your skin which you will take a lot of time before you can get rid of them.

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